The more you use the internet, the more you pollute the environment

internet traffic and greenhouse gas emissions

Ecologists from China have discovered that internet traffic is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. According to their study, every time you browse the web, watch a video, post a photo or send an email, you are contributing to global warming and environmental degradation.

The study estimates that one hour of watching YouTube videos equals 1 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, or the equivalent of driving a car for 6 km. One Instagram post equals 10 grams of methane emissions, or the equivalent of farting 20 times. One email equals 4 grams of nitrous oxide emissions, or the equivalent of laughing for 10 minutes.

The ecologists warn that internet addiction not only leads to global warming, but also to other environmental problems, such as loss of biodiversity, water and soil pollution and deforestation. They urge people to reduce their internet usage and switch to more eco-friendly alternatives, such as reading books, playing board games or talking to real people.

The study concludes by saying that using the internet is not a harmless activity, but a new sin that harms both yourself and the planet. It advises people to be responsible for their internet footprint and compensate it by planting trees, participating in clean-up campaigns or donating to environmental organizations.