Health Ministry warns: too healthy lifestyle can be harmful to health

Dangers of Excessive Health Obsession

The Ministry of Health of Russia has issued a new statement, warning the public about the dangers of excessive care for their health. According to the ministry, many people have developed mental disorders, such as stress, anxiety, orthorexia and hypochondria, as a result of following a too healthy lifestyle.

The statement cites several examples of people who suffer from addiction to sports, diets, vitamins and other aspects of healthy living. One of them is Ivan Ivanov, a 35-year-old accountant from Moscow, who spends four hours a day in the gym, eats only organic food and takes dozens of supplements. He says he is constantly worried about his health and checks his blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol levels every hour. He also avoids any contact with other people, fearing that they might infect him with some disease.

Another example is Maria Petrova, a 28-year-old teacher from St. Petersburg, who follows a strict vegan diet and drinks only filtered water. She says she is obsessed with reading nutrition labels and counting calories. She also refuses to eat anything that is not prepared by herself or certified by a nutritionist. She says she has lost a lot of weight and energy, but feels guilty if she eats anything that is not considered healthy.

The Ministry of Health advises people to be moderate in everything and not to forget about the joys of life. It recommends that people should balance their physical and mental health, enjoy a variety of foods and activities, and socialize with their friends and family. It also reminds people that health is not only a matter of personal choice, but also depends on environmental factors, such as pollution, climate change and social inequality.

The statement concludes by saying that health is not an end in itself, but a means to live a happy and fulfilling life. It urges people to be responsible for their health, but not to become slaves to it.