Medical forums turn patients into doctors, solve health crisis

medical forums doctors

A new study has revealed that 99% of the people who read medical forums online become doctors after self-diagnosing and treating their own illnesses. The study, conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), found that these new doctors have successfully cured themselves of various diseases, ranging from common colds to cancers, by following the advice of other forum users.

The study also found that these new doctors have started to offer their services to other patients, either online or in person, and have helped to reduce the global shortage of medical staff. According to the WHO, there are now more than 600 million doctors in the world, compared to only 13 million before the pandemic.

The WHO praised the medical forums for their role in creating a new generation of health professionals and improving the quality of life for millions of people. The WHO also urged the governments and the public to support and trust these new doctors, as they have proven their skills and knowledge through their own experiences.

However, not everyone is happy with this development. Some critics have raised concerns about the reliability and safety of the information provided by the medical forums, as well as the ethical and legal implications of practicing medicine without formal education and certification. Some critics have also accused the new doctors of being quacks and charlatans, who are exploiting the ignorance and desperation of the people.

The new doctors have dismissed these criticisms, saying that they are motivated by altruism and compassion, not by greed or fame. They have also claimed that they are more qualified and competent than the traditional doctors, as they have learned from their own mistakes and successes.

“We are not just patients, we are doctors,” one of them said. “We have cured ourselves, and we can cure others. We don’t need a diploma or a license to save lives. We just need a computer and a forum.”