Man sues wife for cloning and selling him

wife cloning husband

A man from New York has filed a lawsuit against his wife, accusing her of using his DNA to clone him and sell his copies on the black market. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that he discovered the shocking truth when he found a hidden laboratory in their basement, where his wife was producing and storing dozens of his clones.

The man said that he was horrified and disgusted by his wife’s actions, which he described as a betrayal of their marriage and a violation of his human rights. He said that he had no idea how long his wife had been doing this, or how many copies of him she had sold or to whom.

“I feel like I’ve been living a lie,” he said. “I thought she loved me, but she was just using me as a source of income. She was literally selling me out.”

The man’s wife, who has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of human trafficking and genetic engineering, has denied the allegations, saying that she was doing it for their own good. She said that she was trying to help their family financially, as they were struggling with debts and bills. She also said that she loved her husband and his clones, and that she treated them well.

The case has sparked a public debate over the ethical and legal issues of human cloning, which is banned in most countries. Some experts have argued that the clones have rights and deserve protection, while others have questioned the validity and reliability of the cloning process.

The man’s lawyer has said that he is seeking a divorce, as well as compensation and custody of his clones. He said that his client is traumatized and confused by the situation, and that he needs time and support to recover.

“He is a victim of a terrible crime,” he said. “He deserves justice and respect.”