New technologies that make our lives easier also make us less self-reliant and unable to solve simple problems

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it seems like there’s a solution to every problem. From ordering food to finding a date, there’s an app for everything. But are these technologies really making our lives easier or are they making us lazy?

According to a recent study, people who rely heavily on technology are less likely to be self-reliant and have trouble solving simple problems. One participant in the study admitted that he had forgotten how to read a map because he always uses GPS on his phone.

Another issue is the increasing use of voice assistants. People are becoming so reliant on these devices that they’re forgetting how to do things without them. One woman admitted that she couldn’t remember how to turn on her TV without using her voice assistant.

Even basic math skills are declining because of technology. With calculators on every phone, people are forgetting how to do simple arithmetic in their heads. This has led to embarrassing moments like not being able to calculate a tip at a restaurant.

While technology can certainly make our lives easier, it’s important to remember that it can also make us less self-reliant. It’s important to maintain our problem-solving skills and not let technology do everything for us. After all, we don’t want to end up like the people in the movie “Wall-E” who are completely reliant on technology for everything.