The couple refused to buy a house and arranged a tree house

Soldier Jake and housewife Neytiri have arranged a cozy and green house with all comforts on a tree in one of the preserves in order to move there from a big and noisy city. A local ranger told Fake News Agency about this story.

The couple gave up savings to buy expensive housing and bought a small plot with a large tree in the forest. “We took out a loan, and everything cost half the price of the house that suited us,” says Jake. They live in a tree with their pet crocodile.

On gas, electricity, water, internet and mortgage bills, the couple pays half what they used to pay for rent. “We use solar panels when the sun goes down in the evenings, we light a torch. We have unlimited data on our phones, so we use them for the Internet,” adds Neytiri.

According to the woman, the treehouse allows the couple to satisfy their passion for climbing – they regularly crawl higher when curious tourists visit the reserve.