Trump Doppelgänger Heist in Yemen

Yemen Trump Mask Heist

In a heist that’s more Hollywood than Sana’a, a thief in Yemen has been apprehended wearing a mask so realistic, it had locals convinced they’d seen the ghost of administrations past. The robber, donning a Donald Trump mask, was caught after attempting to make a less-than-presidential getaway.

The caper unfolded when the masked marauder, perhaps inspired by a certain Home Alone cameo, tried to swipe a collection of vintage carpets from a local bazaar. “I thought it was a diplomatic visit turned shopping spree,” said one onlooker, “until he started stuffing Persian rugs into a sack.”

The police were alerted when the thief, true to character, began negotiating with the vendors, insisting he’d pay them “a tremendous amount” later. “He had the art of the deal down,” remarked the arresting officer, “but not the art of the steal.”

As the news spread, social media erupted with speculation. Was it a political statement? A performance piece? Or perhaps just a case of mistaken identity? “We’ve seen some odd disguises, but this one takes the cake,” chuckled the chief of police.

The would-be burglar is now in custody, and while his presidential aspirations may be dashed, his place in the annals of bizarre crime is assured. As for the mask, it’s been confiscated – lest it incite any more ‘executive’ order in the streets of Yemen.