Chinese Worker Quits Over Nap-Blocking Boss

Workplace Nap Debate

In a defiant stand for the right to snooze, a Chinese office worker has tendered his resignation after his boss repeatedly disrupted his sacred nap time. “I came here to work and sleep, not just work,” the ex-employee stated, his eye mask still indented on his forehead.

The man, known for his ability to doze off at the drop of a hat, had become a legend in the office for his mid-meeting slumbers. “He could sleep through an earthquake,” one coworker marveled. But when new management implemented a ‘no-sleeping’ policy, it was a wake-up call he simply couldn’t ignore.

The worker’s departure has sparked a nationwide debate on the importance of workplace naps. “If we can have coffee breaks, why not nap breaks?” argued one supporter, sipping on a triple espresso to stay awake.

Meanwhile, the company is struggling to adjust to life without its most rested employee. “Productivity is up, but morale is down,” the HR manager lamented. “Turns out, his snoring was like a lullaby for the rest of us.”

As the story goes viral, companies across China are re-evaluating their nap policies, with some even considering designated snooze spaces. It seems that in the battle between the boardroom and the bedroom, the right to a power nap might just come out on top.