Sunshine Tax: UN’s Bright Idea

UN Sunlight Tax Proposal

In a radiant display of bureaucratic brilliance, the United Nations is set to hold hearings on a proposal that’s lighting up the world stage: a tax on sunlight. Yes, you may soon need to budget for your daily dose of vitamin D.

The initiative, playfully named “The Sunny Money Scheme,” aims to charge individuals for soaking up the sun’s rays. “If you’re basking in the Bahamas or just catching some rays in Rome, get ready to cough up some coin,” announced a UN spokesperson, sporting a suspiciously deep tan.

Economists are divided, with some praising the plan as a stroke of genius that will fill state coffers faster than a solar flare. Others are less enthused, labeling it as a shadowy ploy to extract more from the sun-kissed masses.

Beachgoers worldwide are already strategizing, with parasol sales skyrocketing and sunscreen now marketed as a tax-deductible expense. “It’s an investment in my financial and skin health,” explained one savvy sunbather.

As the hearings approach, the world waits to see if this proposal will pass or simply evaporate like morning dew. Meanwhile, the UN assures that the tax will be fair, though many wonder if they’ll soon be declaring their tans to the taxman.