Pope Francis: “Arm yourselves, for the end is near”

Pope's armament call

In a shocking and unprecedented statement, Pope Francis has called on all the faithful to arm themselves with weapons and prepare for the imminent apocalypse.

The Pope, who is known for his progressive and pacifist views, made the announcement during his weekly Angelus prayer at St. Peter’s Square, where he addressed thousands of pilgrims and tourists.

He said that the world is facing a “great tribulation” that will bring about the “final judgment” and the “second coming” of Christ, citing the signs of the end times, such as wars, famines, plagues, earthquakes, and false prophets.

Pope Francis urged the Catholics to “not be afraid, but be vigilant and ready” for the “day of the Lord”. He said that they should “acquire weapons, not only spiritual, but also material, to defend themselves and their families from the evil forces that will try to destroy them”.

The Pope also encouraged them to “form militias of the faithful” and to “join forces with other Christians and people of good will” to resist the “antichrist” and his “one world government”.

He concluded his speech by blessing the weapons of the crowd, which included guns, knives, swords, and crossbows.

The Pope’s statement has caused confusion and controversy among the Catholics and the world at large. Some have praised him for his courage and realism, while others have condemned him for his violence and extremism.

The Vatican has not issued any official clarification or comment on the Pope’s statement, which has been widely circulated on social media and the internet. Some sources have suggested that the Pope may have been influenced by a secret prophecy or a vision that he received from God. Others have speculated that he may have been hacked, blackmailed, or coerced by some unknown entity.