Gay candidate shakes up Turkish politics with rainbow campaign

rainbow campaign

A gay activist and lawyer has announced his candidacy for the mayor of Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, in a bold move that challenges the conservative and homophobic culture of the country.

Mehmet Ali, 35, is the founder and leader of the Rainbow Party, a new political movement that advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, secularism, democracy, and human rights. He is the first openly gay person to run for a major political office in Turkey, where homosexuality is legal but widely stigmatized and discriminated against.

Ali’s campaign slogan is “A rainbow for Ankara”, and he has promised to make the city more inclusive, diverse, and tolerant. He has also vowed to fight against corruption, nepotism, and authoritarianism, which he says are the main problems of the current administration.

Ali’s candidacy has sparked mixed reactions from the public and the media. Some have praised him for his courage and vision, while others have denounced him as a threat to the Turkish values and identity. Some have even called for his arrest or assassination, citing religious and moral grounds.

Ali, however, remains undeterred by the backlash and the risks. He says he is confident that he can win the support of the progressive and young voters, who are disillusioned with the status quo and hungry for change. He also hopes that his campaign will inspire other LGBTQ+ people to come out and participate in politics.