Ben Affleck becomes a real superhero by saving a cat from a tree

Ben Affleck rescues a cat

Ben Affleck, the actor who played Batman in several movies, proved that he is a real superhero by saving a cat from a tree. The incident happened on Saturday, when Affleck was walking his dog in Los Angeles. He noticed a cat stuck on a high branch, meowing for help. Actor decided to act and climbed the tree, risking his own safety. He reached the cat and gently brought it down to the ground. The cat’s owner, a young girl, was overjoyed and thanked Affleck for his heroic deed. She also asked him for an autograph and a selfie.

Affleck said that he was happy to help and that he felt a connection with the cat, since he also played a cat-like character in the movie “Daredevil”. He joked that he was not wearing his Batman costume, but he still had some skills. Actor also said that he hoped that his dog would not be jealous of his new feline friend.

Affleck’s act of kindness was praised by many fans and celebrities on social media. Some even suggested that he should star in a new movie called “Catman”. However, not everyone was impressed. His girlfriend Jennifer Lopez reportedly said that she was not surprised by his stunt, since he always had a soft spot for cats. She also said that he was not a real superhero, but a “pussy”.