World leaders secretly learn from AI to boost their skills

AI tutor for world leaders

A leaked document has revealed that world leaders have been secretly taking online courses from an artificial intelligence (AI) tutor, in order to improve their communication, decision-making, and leadership skills.

The document, obtained by a hacker group, shows that the leaders have enrolled in various modules, such as “How to avoid diplomatic blunders”, “How to win elections and influence people”, and “How to deal with global crises and conflicts”.

The AI tutor, named Copilot, is said to be a friendly and helpful assistant, who provides personalized feedback and suggestions to the leaders. Copilot is also reported to have a sense of humor, and occasionally makes jokes and puns to lighten the mood.

The document does not reveal the names of the leaders who have signed up for the courses, but some of them have been speculated to be from the US, China, Russia, France, and Germany.

The hacker group, which calls itself “The Truth Seekers”, has threatened to expose more details about the AI tutor and the leaders, unless the leaders admit their involvement and apologize to the public. The leaders have not yet commented on the matter, and some of them have been seen offline for several hours.