Google launches quantum internet project with infinite data speed

quantum internet with infinite speed

Google, the tech giant that dominates the online world, has announced a new project that aims to create a quantum internet with infinite data speed. The project, called “Q-Net”, will use quantum entanglement to transmit information instantly across any distance, without any interference or loss.

According to Google, the project is a breakthrough for the future of communication, as it will enable unprecedented levels of speed, security, and scalability. The project will also allow Google to offer new services and products that will leverage the power of quantum computing, such as quantum search, quantum cloud, quantum AI, and quantum VR.

Google says that the project is based on its own quantum supremacy experiment, which demonstrated that a quantum computer can perform a task that would take a classical computer thousands of years in just minutes. Furthermore, the company reveals that the project is in collaboration with NASA, the US Department of Energy, and other leading research institutions.

The project is expected to be completed by 2030, and will cost billions of dollars. Google says that it will offer the quantum internet service for free to its users, as long as they agree to share their data and personal information with Google. The tech giant claims that this is a fair trade-off, as the quantum internet will provide users with unlimited benefits and possibilities.