Gerard Depardieu can’t escape his admirers

Gerard Depardieu's fan trouble

The French actor Gerard Depardieu has been having a hard time lately, as he is constantly followed and mobbed by his enthusiastic fans wherever he goes. The 74-year-old star, who has appeared in over 200 films, said that he was “flattered but exhausted” by the attention.

Depardieu complained that he could not even go to the supermarket, the park, or the cinema without being surrounded by dozens of people asking for selfies, autographs, and hugs. He revealed that some of his fans were so persistent that they even broke into his house, his car, and his hotel room.

The actor admitted that he appreciated the love and support of his fans, but he also needed some privacy and peace. He pleaded with his fans to respect his personal space and to stop stalking him. Depardieu also confessed that he was considering moving to a remote island or a secluded monastery to escape the madness.