Lady Gaga launches scent-inspired clothing line

Lady Gaga's scent-inspired clothing line

The pop star and fashion icon Lady Gaga has revealed her latest venture: a clothing line inspired by the smells of her garden. The line, called Gaga Garden, features garments that are infused with various fragrances, such as roses, lavender, mint, and basil. The line also includes accessories, such as hats, gloves, and masks, that are designed to enhance the olfactory experience.

Lady Gaga says that Gaga Garden is a way of expressing her love for nature and art. She also claims that the clothing line can have positive effects on the mood and health of the wearer. Pop diva shared that she personally wears her scent-inspired clothes every day, and that they help her relax and feel more creative.

Gaga Garden is expected to be available in select stores and online in July 2024. Lady Gaga says that she hopes that her fans will enjoy her new creation and smell the difference.