Xiaomi launches dream-ordering device

Xiaomi's dream-ordering device

The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has unveiled a new device that allows users to order custom-made dreams. The device, called Dreami, is a wearable headset that connects to an app where users can choose from various dream scenarios, such as flying, traveling, or meeting celebrities. The device then stimulates the brain during sleep to induce the desired dream.

Xiaomi claims that Dreami is a revolutionary product that can enhance the quality of life and happiness of its users. However, some critics have raised concerns about the ethical and psychological implications of manipulating dreams. They also warn that the device may be addictive and interfere with the natural functions of sleep.

The Dreami device is expected to hit the market in June 2024, with a price tag of $999. Xiaomi says that it has already received over a million pre-orders from eager customers who want to experience their dream dreams.