Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland unveil plans to exit the UK

Celtic Union campaign

The leaders of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland have declared their intentions to depart from the UK and establish a new Celtic Union, expressing their discontent with being overlooked and exploited by the English government.

These nations, entrenched in the UK for centuries, conveyed that they have chosen to emulate the example of Brexit and pursue individual independence and sovereignty. Their shared sentiment is that they have more in common with each other than with England, aiming to forge a fresh political and economic alliance that respects their culture, identity, and interests.

Inspiration for this decision arose from the Corsican independence movement. The leaders expressed admiration for the courage and determination of the Corsican people, who fought for their freedom and identity against French colonialism.

Their commitment is to hold referendums in their respective nations at the earliest opportunity, anticipating a majority vote in favor of leaving the UK. The plan is to negotiate the terms of departure with the English government, with hopes for a peaceful and amicable separation.

However, a stern warning was issued that they would not tolerate any interference or obstruction from the English government, asserting their determination to defend their rights and interests by all means.