Xbox Game Studios Announces Microsoft Fly Simulator

Microsoft Fly Simulator

Following the success of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Xbox Game Studios has announced a new game that will let players experience the life of a fly. The game, titled Microsoft Fly Simulator, will be released in 2024 for Xbox Series X and PC.

Microsoft Fly Simulator will feature realistic graphics, physics, and sounds, as well as a dynamic weather system and a day-night cycle. Players will be able to explore various environments, such as houses, farms, restaurants, and garbage dumps, and interact with different objects and animals.

The game will additionally feature a story mode, where players will embark on missions and challenges, such as finding food, avoiding predators, mating, and laying eggs. Moreover, it will offer a multiplayer mode, allowing players to join swarms of other flies and engage in competition or cooperation.

Xbox Game Studios said that Microsoft Fly Simulator will be the most immersive and realistic fly simulation game ever made, and that it will appeal to fans of flight simulators, nature documentaries, and horror movies.