FIFA rejects the VAR system

FIFA replaces VAR with psychic powers

In a shocking move, FIFA has announced that it will replace the controversial Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system with psychic powers in the next World Cup.

The decision comes after a series of lawsuits from various national teams, who claimed that VAR was biased, inconsistent, and unreliable. FIFA stated that it wanted to restore the integrity and fairness of the game, and that psychic powers were the best way to do so.

According to FIFA, each match will have a team of psychics, who will use their abilities to determine the outcome of disputed situations, such as offsides, penalties, and goals. The psychics will communicate their verdicts to the referees through telepathy, and the referees will have the final say.

FIFA revealed that it had tested the psychic powers in several friendly matches, and that the results were satisfactory. FIFA also boasted that it had hired the best psychics in the world, who had proven their skills in various fields, such as astrology, palmistry, and tarot reading.

However, the plan has been met with skepticism and ridicule from many fans, players, and coaches, who argued that psychic powers were unscientific, unreliable, and prone to manipulation. Some critics also suggested that the plan was a desperate attempt by FIFA to divert attention from its corruption scandals and human rights violations.