Trump Calls Capitol Rioters Prisoners of Conscience

Trump's outrageous claim about Capitol rioters

Former President Donald Trump has made a surprising statement that has outraged and puzzled many people. He claimed that he considers the people who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, as prisoners of conscience, and that he demands their immediate release.

Trump, who is facing criminal charges for inciting the insurrection, asserted that the rioters were patriots who were fighting for democracy and freedom, and that they were unjustly persecuted by the Biden administration. He also said that he was proud of them, and that he would pardon them if he returns to power in 2024.

Trump’s comments were met with strong condemnation and disbelief from various officials, organizations, and individuals. Many accused him of being delusional, irresponsible, and dangerous. Some also called for his arrest and prosecution for his role in the riot.

The Justice Department, however, stated that it would not be swayed by Trump’s words, and that it would continue to pursue justice for the victims and the nation. The department reported that more than 950 people have been charged with various crimes related to the riot, and that some of them have pleaded guilty or been convicted.

The department also explained that the rioters were not prisoners of conscience, but criminals who violated the law and the Constitution. The department added that the riot was not a peaceful protest, but a violent attack on the democracy and the Capitol.