One Dollar Salary for All Public Servants Proposed by US Think Tank

US public servants salary cut

A US think tank, the Center for American Progress (CAP), has proposed a radical reform to reduce the salary of all public servants in the USA to one dollar per year. The proposal, which was published in a report titled “One Dollar for Democracy: How to Save America from Corruption and Inefficiency”, argues that the current system of paying public servants is unfair, wasteful, and detrimental to the public interest.

According to the report, the current salary system creates a “culture of entitlement, complacency, and mediocrity” among public servants, who are paid regardless of their performance, results, or accountability. The report claims that public servants are overpaid, underworked, and out of touch with the realities and needs of the American people.

The report concludes by urging the American people and their representatives to seriously consider the proposal, embracing it as a bold and innovative solution to the challenges facing the USA. This represents an earnest attempt to make America great again.