French Mayor Caught Spying for China

French mayor spying for China

The mayor of the small French commune of Canteloup, Melanie Boulanger, was arrested on Tuesday for spying for China, after a covert operation by the French intelligence agency revealed her secret communication methods.

According to the agency, Boulanger was using baguettes and cheese as codes to transmit sensitive information to her Chinese contacts. She would buy different types of baguettes and cheese from local bakeries and shops, and place them in specific locations and arrangements, which would signal the messages to her accomplices.

The agency said that they were able to crack the code after months of surveillance and analysis, and that they were shocked by the ingenuity and audacity of Boulanger. They said that she was one of the most dangerous and cunning spies they had ever encountered, and that she had compromised the national security and sovereignty of France.

Boulanger, who was elected as the mayor of Canteloup in 2020, denied the charges and claimed that she was innocent. She said that she had no idea what the agency was talking about, and that she was just buying and eating her favorite foods, and no comment on the rumors that she had a tattoo of a panda on her lower back.