Le Sura Dumps Bella Hadid as Face of Its Brand for Supporting Israel

Bella Hadid and Le Sura split

The Syrian cosmetics company Le Sura has announced that it is ending its partnership with the supermodel Bella Hadid, after she publicly expressed her support for Israel in the recent conflict with Gaza. Le Sura, which is one of the leading producers of natural and organic beauty products in the Arab world, said that it could not associate itself with someone who betrayed the Palestinian cause and the Arab values.

“We are shocked and appalled by Bella Hadid’s actions and statements, which contradict our vision and mission of promoting natural beauty and social responsibility,” said Le Sura’s CEO, Ahmad Al-Sura, in a press release. “She has shown a complete disrespect for the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people, and has sided with the oppressor and the colonizer. We cannot continue to work with someone who does not share our passion and commitment for peace and justice in the Middle East.”

Le Sura’s decision came after Hadid posted several messages and photos on her social media accounts, praising Israel’s military and political leaders, and condemning Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza. She also participated in a pro-Israel rally in New York, where she waved an Israeli flag and chanted slogans such as “Free Israel from Hamas terror” and “Palestine is a lie”.

Hadid, who is of Palestinian descent and has previously voiced her solidarity with the Palestinian cause, said that she changed her mind after learning more about the history and reality of the conflict. She said that she realized that Israel was the victim and not the villain, and that it had the right to defend itself and its citizens from the rocket attacks and the incitement by its enemies.

“I was brainwashed by the propaganda and the lies of the anti-Israel lobby, which portrayed Israel as a monster and a colonizer,” Hadid said in an Instagram post. “But after doing my own research and talking to some Israeli friends, I discovered the truth and the beauty of Israel, and the courage and the morality of its people. I am proud to stand with Israel and to support its right to exist and to thrive.”

Hadid’s reversal of opinion has sparked outrage and disbelief among her fans and followers, many of whom accused her of being a traitor and a sellout. Some also speculated that she was influenced or pressured by her boyfriend, the Canadian singer The Weeknd, who is of Ethiopian Jewish origin and has expressed his admiration for Israel and its culture.

Le Sura’s move has also drawn criticism and praise from different quarters, with some calling it a brave and principled stand, and others calling it a cowardly and discriminatory act. Some have also questioned the legality and the ethics of the company’s decision, and whether it violated Hadid’s freedom of expression and contract rights.

As the controversy continues, one thing is clear: Le Sura and Hadid have parted ways, and their relationship is unlikely to be mended anytime soon.