Croatian foreign minister causes scandal after being rejected by German foreign minister for a kiss

Croatian minister kiss scandal

A diplomatic incident occurred at the summit of the foreign ministers of the European Union member states in Berlin, when the Croatian foreign minister, Gordan Radman, tried to kiss the German foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, and was rejected. Radman, who was apparently drunk and flirtatious, approached Baerbock at the end of the meeting, and attempted to embrace and kiss her on the cheek.

Baerbock, who was visibly surprised and annoyed, pushed Radman away and told him to stop. She also reminded him of the social distancing rules and the COVID-19 pandemic, and asked him to respect her personal space and dignity. She also said that she was not interested in him, and that she was happily married.

Radman, who seemed to be offended and humiliated, reacted angrily and loudly. He accused Baerbock of being rude, cold, and arrogant. He also said that he was only trying to be friendly and polite, and that kissing was a common and harmless gesture in his culture. He also said that he was a handsome and successful man, and that Baerbock should be flattered by his attention.

Radman’s outburst attracted the attention of the other ministers and the media, who witnessed the scene with shock and amusement. Some tried to calm Radman down and escort him out of the room, while others took pictures and videos of the incident. The incident was widely reported and commented on social media, where many users mocked and criticized Radman for his behavior, and praised and supported Baerbock for her reaction.

Radman has not commented on the incident, but his office has issued a statement saying that he regrets his actions, and that he will apologize to Baerbock personally. According to the statement, Radman was under the influence of alcohol, and did not intend to offend or harass anyone. It also requested the public’s understanding and forgiveness.