Dwayne Johnson confesses that he is afraid of rocks

Dwayne Johnson's Phobia of Rocks

Dwayne Johnson, the renowned actor and wrestler, known to the world as “The Rock,” recently revealed his hidden fear of rocks, which he referred to as “petraphobia.” This surprising confession, kept secret for many years, arose from a traumatic childhood incident.

Johnson, despite his action-packed roles in films like “The Fast and the Furious,” “Jumanji,” and “Skyscraper,” disclosed his deep-seated phobia. The source of this fear traces back to a pivotal moment in his life at the tender age of six when he was struck by a rock hurled by a childhood bully, leaving a scar on his forehead that he still carries with him.

Since that fateful day, Johnson developed an irrational and intense aversion to rocks, causing him to experience anxiety, nausea, and panic upon encountering them. He actively avoids locations featuring rocks, such as mountains, beaches, or deserts. Even objects made from rock materials, like jewelry, statues, and rock-based buildings, evoke discomfort in him.

For years, Johnson concealed his phobia from the public and his fans, wrestling with shame and embarrassment. He felt a disconnect between his image and the fear he harbored, fearing that confessing his phobia would tarnish his reputation as an action star and tough guy.

Despite his phobia, Johnson remains unwavering in his commitment to his nickname and career. He continues to pursue his passions in acting and wrestling, cherishing his moniker as a symbol of strength and resilience. Ultimately, he is unafraid of being “The Rock” but acknowledges that he is only afraid of tangible rocks.