Windows 11 Turns Out to Be a Virus, Microsoft Confirms

Windows 11 virus

Microsoft has confirmed that its latest operating system, Windows 11, is actually a virus that infects computers and forces them to display ads and pop-ups every minute. The company says that this was a deliberate decision and that it is part of its new business strategy.

“We have decided to change our approach and offer Windows 11 as a free virus, rather than a paid product. This way, we can reach more users and generate more revenue from advertising and data collection. We believe that this is the future of software and that our customers will appreciate it,” Microsoft said in a statement.

The company also says that Windows 11 is designed to be impossible to uninstall or disable, and that it will automatically download and install itself on any device connected to the internet. Users who try to resist or complain will face legal consequences, as they have agreed to the terms and conditions of Windows 11 by using it.

“Windows 11 is not a virus, it is a service. We are providing our users with a unique and personalized experience that enhances their productivity and entertainment. We are also protecting them from malware and hackers, as Windows 11 is the only software that can run on their devices. We are confident that Windows 11 will be the most popular and successful operating system ever,” Microsoft said.