Google launches new search engine that can search not only the internet, but also the real world

Google Reality service

Google has announced its new technology that allows users to enter any queries and get answers in the form of coordinates, maps and photos of objects in the real world. The technology, called Google Reality, uses a special device that connects to the user’s eyes and scans the surrounding environment.

Google claims that the new service has many possibilities and advantages, such as finding lost items, forgotten names or perfect partners. Users can customize their search experience by choosing the criteria, filters and preferences of their choice. They can also interact with the objects and people they find and get more information about them.

However, the new service also has some challenges and risks, such as affecting the privacy, security and ethics of the users and society. Some users have reported having problems with accuracy, reliability and relevance of the results. Some experts have also warned that the technology could be used for spying, stalking or hacking.

Google says that it is aware of the potential issues and difficulties of the new service and that it is working to ensure its quality and safety. It also advises users to use Google Reality responsibly and moderately and not to confuse their virtuality with their reality.