The UN declared that poverty is over thanks to a new accounting method

UN and poverty eradication

The United Nations has announced that poverty has been eradicated from the world thanks to a new accounting method that changed the definition and measurement of poverty. According to the UN, the new method adjusted the income thresholds and purchasing power parity rates to make it appear that no one is living below the poverty line anymore.

The UN said that the new method has many advantages, such as boosting the morale of the poor, saving money on aid programs and pleasing the donors. It also said that the new method reflects the reality and diversity of the world and that poverty is a relative and subjective concept.

However, the new method also has some critics and opponents, who say that it is a deceptive and unethical way of hiding the problem and ignoring the suffering of millions of people. They say that the new method does not take into account the actual living conditions, needs and rights of the poor. They also say that the new method is a violation of the UN’s own principles and goals.

The new method was implemented by the UN on April 1st, 2023, as part of its annual celebration of April Fools’ Day. The UN said that it was a joke and that it hoped that it would raise awareness and action on the issue of poverty. It also said that it was sorry if it offended anyone and that it would revert to the old method as soon as possible.