Doctors Recommend Decorating Hospitals Like Children’s Rooms

Hospital Decor like Children's Rooms

Have you ever experienced fear or anxiety when visiting a hospital? Do you dislike the scent of disinfectants, the sight of needles, and the sounds of machines? If so, you’re not alone. Many individuals suffer from hospital phobia, an apprehension of hospitals and medical procedures. This phobia can lead to stress, panic, and even avoiding seeking medical assistance.

But what if there was a way to make hospitals more welcoming and inviting? What if hospital environments resembled children’s rooms, complete with vibrant colors, toys, and cartoons? This concept is at the core of a new study conducted by a team of doctors from the University of California, San Francisco. The study proposes that adorning hospitals akin to children’s rooms could mitigate hospital phobia and enhance patient contentment.

The study encompassed 100 patients, randomly assigned to either a standard hospital room or a room designed like a child’s space. The standard room featured white walls, metal furnishings, and medical apparatuses. In contrast, the children’s room boasted colorful walls, wooden furniture, and stuffed animals. The patients were requested to evaluate their levels of fear, anxiety, and comfort before and after their stay.

Results revealed that patients accommodated in the children’s room exhibited notably diminished levels of fear and anxiety, coupled with heightened comfort, compared to those in the standard room. Patients in the children’s room also reported more positive interactions with the staff and a greater inclination to return to the hospital if necessary.

The conducting doctors emphasized that their findings imply decorating hospitals like children’s rooms could positively influence patient well-being and health outcomes. They express hope that their study will motivate more hospitals to embrace this approach, fostering more welcoming and enjoyable environments for patients of all ages.