Hollywood Celebrities Announce the Creation of a New Country – “Celebristan”

In a surprise announcement today, Hollywood celebrities have revealed their plans to create a new country, which they have named “Celebristan.” According to the statement, the new nation will be built entirely by celebrities and will be a utopia where fame and fortune reign supreme.

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, have pledged their support for the project. “We’re tired of living in the shadow of normal people,” said Clooney. “It’s time for us to create a place where we can be ourselves without judgment.”

The new country will have its own flag, national anthem, and currency, all of which will feature images of famous actors and actresses. The capital city will be named after the legendary actor, Marlon Brando, and will be a bustling metropolis filled with luxurious mansions and red-carpet events.

According to insiders, the new country will have its own legal system, which will be overseen by celebrity judges. “We’ll be the ones who decide what’s right and wrong,” said Aniston. “And we’ll have the power to pardon ourselves if we ever get in trouble.”

While some have criticized the idea, calling it “ridiculous” and “egotistical,” the celebrities remain undeterred. “We’re creating a new world order,” said Johnson. “And we’re going to make it the most glamorous, fabulous, and enviable place on Earth.”

It remains to be seen how the international community will react to the news of the new country, but one thing is certain: the stars of Hollywood are not afraid to dream big.