Mayor’s Daily Runaway Escapades Earn Him the Title of London’s Fittest Man

London’s mayor, Max Power, has recently been awarded the title of the fittest man in the city. The secret to his success? Running away from his responsibilities on a daily basis.

According to sources close to the mayor, Power has a habit of disappearing for hours at a time, leaving his aides and council members scrambling to cover for him. However, it seems that these “runaway escapades” have had an unintended side effect: keeping the mayor in peak physical condition.

Power’s daily jaunts through the city have become the stuff of legend, with witnesses reporting him leaping over fences, scaling walls, and even outrunning the occasional angry constituent. Some have even suggested that Power is secretly training for a career as a parkour athlete.

Despite the mayor’s impressive physical feats, some Londoners are less than impressed with his disappearing act. Critics have accused Power of neglecting his duties and abandoning the city in its time of need. However, the mayor seems unfazed by the criticism, insisting that his daily runs are essential to his mental and physical wellbeing.

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Max Power is one of a kind. Whether he’s sprinting away from his responsibilities or sprinting towards a new personal record, the mayor’s energy and determination are truly something to behold.