Cat Goes on Hunger Strike for Equal Park Rights with Dogs

A cat has gone on a hunger strike, demanding equal park rights with dogs. The feline activist, who goes by the name “Fluffy,” is protesting against the “unfair and discriminatory” treatment of cats in parks. “We deserve the same rights as dogs, and we won’t stop until we get them,” Fluffy said.

The protest has sparked mixed reactions from park-goers. Some have shown their support for Fluffy’s cause, while others have criticized the cat for being too demanding. “It’s just a cat, it should be happy with what it has,” said one dog owner. “Dogs need more space than cats anyway.”

The park authorities have yet to respond to Fluffy’s demands, but rumors suggest that they are considering building a separate area for cats. “We don’t want any animals to go hungry, but we also need to maintain the peace and safety of the park,” a park spokesperson said.

Despite the mixed reactions, Fluffy remains committed to her cause. “We may be small, but we are mighty,” she said. “We won’t stop until we get the same rights as our canine counterparts.”