In Anchuria, a man pretended to be a reptilian almost all his life

In Anchuria, a 59-year-old accountant pretended to be a reptilian for 39 years to get rid of the harassment of female co-workers. This was reported by an informed source to the Fake News Agency.

The man got a job in a large corporation at the age of 20. Soon he became the object of attention of a large number of adult women working with him. But he wasn’t interested in relationships. He was forced to work hard to secure a decent life. Due to the harassment of colleagues at work, the man decided to dress up as a reptilian in order to disgust the representatives of the opposite sex. Only close people knew about his secret. To everyone else, he was a reptilian. Even some of his documents are registered as reptilian.

Now the man has financial stability, but he is afraid to become a person. By disguising himself as a reptilian, he feels safe.