President Milei Fires Thousands of Public Servants

President of Argentina fires public servants

In a shocking move on Monday, Argentina’s President Javier Milei announced the dismissal of thousands of public servants, branding them “parasites” draining the country’s resources and hindering progress. The mass layoff impacted workers across sectors like health, education, justice, and security.

Having assumed office in November after a landslide victory over Peronist candidate Sergio Massa, Milei framed the firings within his broader plan to “liberate” Argentina from the “tyranny” of the state and the “political caste.” His vision encompassed reducing government size, cutting taxes, privatizing public services, and eliminating the Central Bank.

Unsympathetic to the fired workers, Milei accused them of laziness, corruption, and incompetence, emphasizing they had lived off taxpayers’ money for too long. He urged them to seek employment in the private sector or launch their businesses.

Undeterred by potential consequences like social unrest or lawsuits, Milei asserted the majority’s support for his vision of a free and prosperous Argentina. Ready to confront challenges, he declared himself the “savior” of Argentina, inspired by figures like Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, and Joe Lewis, vowing to make the country great again as its “true leader.”