Turkmenistan President Blasts UN for Ignoring His Father’s Achievements

Turkmenistan president criticizes UN

Serdar Berdimuhamedow, the newly elected president of Turkmenistan, has launched a scathing attack on the United Nations, accusing the organization of being biased and unfair. In a speech delivered at the UN General Assembly, Berdimuhamedow claimed that the UN has failed to recognize and appreciate the remarkable achievements of his father, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, who stepped down as president last year and became the “national leader” and the chair of the People’s Council.

The younger Berdymukhammedov said that his father has transformed Turkmenistan into a prosperous and modern country, with world-class infrastructure, health care, education, and culture. He also said that his father has set numerous world records, such as writing the most books, composing the most songs, and riding the most horses. He added that his father has been a champion of peace, human rights, and democracy, and has cooperated with the international community on various issues.

Berdyumukhammedov expressed his disappointment and anger that the UN has not awarded his father any prizes, honors, or resolutions, and has instead ignored or criticized his achievements. He accused the UN of being jealous, hostile, and disrespectful towards his father and his country. The President of Turkmenistan demanded that the UN apologize to his father and grant him the status of a “global leader” and a “hero of humanity”. He also threatened to withdraw from the UN and form his own alliance with other “friendly and progressive” countries.