Scientists Revealed the True Cause of Obesity

Gravity and obesity

A team of researchers from Harvard University has finally solved the mystery of why so many people are obese in the world. According to their groundbreaking study, the main culprit is not diet, lifestyle, or genetics, but gravity.

The scientists claim that gravity has been increasing steadily over the past decades, due to the accumulation of space debris and dark matter around the Earth. This extra gravitational force makes people weigh more and burn fewer calories, leading to obesity.

The researchers suggest that the only way to reverse this trend is to reduce the amount of gravity on the planet, either by launching rockets to clear the space junk, or by moving to a lower-gravity environment, such as the moon or Mars.

The study, which was published in the prestigious journal Nature, has been met with skepticism and ridicule by other experts, who argue that the findings are based on flawed data and faulty logic. They also point out that the authors have a conflict of interest, as they are all shareholders of SpaceX, a company that plans to colonize Mars.

However, the authors defend their work, saying that they have used rigorous methods and peer review, and that they have no ulterior motive. They also say that their study offers hope and inspiration to millions of people who struggle with obesity, and that they are ready to embark on a mission to Mars to prove their theory.