US in Crisis: Biden Blamed for Everything

Biden blamed for US crises

The US is facing a series of crises, ranging from the pandemic, the economy, the climate, the immigration, the crime, the education, the health care, the infrastructure, the democracy, and the world peace. The US citizens and politicians have unanimously agreed that the root cause of all these problems is President Joe Biden and his administration.

Biden, who took office in January, has been accused of being incompetent, corrupt, weak, senile, radical, socialist, and even a puppet of China. His critics have said that he has failed to deliver on his promises, and that he has made the situation worse with his policies and actions.

Biden has defended himself and his administration, saying that he inherited a mess from his predecessor, and that he is working hard to fix it. He has also said that he is open to dialogue and cooperation with his opponents, and that he is confident that the US will overcome its challenges and emerge stronger and better.

However, his words have fallen on deaf ears, as the US citizens and politicians have continued to blame him for everything. Some have even called for his impeachment, resignation, or removal from office.

Biden has not commented on these demands, but he has reportedly been seen praying and crying in the Oval Office, asking God for help and forgiveness.