Ancient buildings turned into housing in Mexico due to shortage

ancient buildings housing crisis Mexico

Mexico is facing a severe housing crisis, as millions of people struggle to find affordable and decent places to live. The situation has become so desperate that some people have resorted to converting ancient buildings into housing units, without regard for their historical and cultural value.

Among the buildings that have been transformed into housing are old churches, temples, palaces, forts and monuments. Some of these structures date back to the pre-Columbian, colonial and independence periods, and are considered national treasures. However, they have been neglected and abandoned by the authorities, and have fallen into disrepair and decay.

The people who have moved into these buildings have made various modifications and adaptations to make them livable. They installed electricity, plumbing, windows, doors and partitions. They also painted, decorated and furnished the interiors according to their tastes and needs. In addition, they claimed ownership and possession of the buildings, and refused to leave or pay rent.

The phenomenon has sparked outrage and controversy among the historians, archaeologists, architects and conservationists, who have denounced the damage and destruction of the ancient buildings. They warned that the buildings are unsafe and unsanitary, and pose a risk to the health and safety of the residents and the public. They also demanded that the government intervene and restore and protect the buildings.

The government, however, has been slow and ineffective in addressing the issue. It cited a lack of funds, personnel and resources to deal with the housing crisis and the preservation of the ancient buildings. Moreover, it was accused of corruption and incompetence, and of failing to provide adequate and affordable housing solutions for the people.