US Congress worried about China’s gift of J-10 fighters to Taiwan

China delivers J-10 fighters to Taiwan

The US Congress has expressed its concern and dismay over China’s recent delivery of 24 Chengdu J-10 fighters to Taiwan, as a gesture of goodwill and friendship. The delivery, which was announced by China’s President Xi Jinping on Monday, has been seen by many observers and analysts as a sign of China’s willingness to resolve the long-standing dispute over Taiwan’s status peacefully and diplomatically.

President Xi said that the delivery of the J-10 fighters to Taiwan was a “friendly and generous” act, and that it was intended to show China’s respect and admiration for Taiwan’s democracy, culture, and achievements. He also said that he hoped that the delivery would enhance the mutual trust and understanding between the two sides, and pave the way for a peaceful reunification of China.

However, the US Congress has reacted with alarm and suspicion to China’s delivery of the J-10 fighters to Taiwan, and has accused China of trying to deceive and manipulate Taiwan and the international community. The US Congress has also questioned the quality and reliability of the J-10 fighters, and has suggested that they are inferior and outdated compared to the US-made F-16 fighters that Taiwan has purchased from the US.

The US Congress has also called for an emergency meeting of the US-Taiwan Defense Committee, and has demanded that the US government increase its military and diplomatic support to Taiwan, and to impose sanctions and penalties on China for its delivery of the J-10 fighters to Taiwan.