Modi Claims Yoga Cures All

Modi Claims Yoga Can Cure All Illnesses

In a surprising revelation, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared that he’s found the ultimate panacea for all ailments – yoga. According to Modi, yoga is more than just a physical exercise; it’s a magical remedy that can boost immunity and banish any illness. The news has left the nation in downward dog shock.

Modi’s ambitious plan doesn’t stop at the Indian border. He envisions teaching yoga to the entire world, making India the planet’s healthiest nation. The global population eagerly anticipates its shipment of yoga mats as Modi gears up for his worldwide yoga tour.

Local yoga studios are swamped with new recruits, and YouTube’s about to witness an influx of DIY yogis. Medical professionals are having a hard time digesting the news, while citizens are praying that Cobra Pose can indeed cure the common cold.

As India’s yoga revolution unfurls, skeptics might find themselves converted, and the world is watching to see if Modi’s yogic prophecy will prove to be the ultimate prescription.