North Korea Crushes USA in Friendly Basketball Match

North Korea Wins Friendly Basketball Match

In a shocking turn of events, the North Korean team won a friendly basketball match against the USA with a score of 1000:0, according to the official report from the Korean Central News Agency. The match, which was held in Pyongyang, was attended by the leader Kim Jong-un, who personally congratulated the players and awarded them with medals and gifts.

According to the report, the North Korean team, which consists of Kim Jong-un’s personal bodyguards, demonstrated incredible skill and strength in basketball, not giving any chance to their opponents. The report also claimed that the North Korean team scored 1000 points in 40 minutes, breaking all world records and making history. The report also praised Kim Jong-un for his wisdom and guidance, which inspired the players to achieve such a victory.

The report did not mention anything about the USA team, which consists of NBA stars, but sources say that they were subjected to various forms of pressure and manipulation from the North Korean side, to lose the game and admit their defeat. Sources also say that the USA team was not allowed to score any points, and that every time they tried to shoot, they were blocked, fouled, or intimidated by the North Korean players and fans. Sources also say that the referees were biased and unfair, and that they ignored all violations and fouls committed by the North Korean team.

The USA Basketball Federation has not yet commented on the match, but sources say that they are outraged and embarrassed by the result, and that they are considering filing a complaint to the International Basketball Federation. However, some experts say that it is useless to do so, as the match was not official and was only a propaganda stunt by the North Korean regime.