Changan’s New Car Runs on Human Blood

Changan's blood-powered car

Changan, a Chinese car manufacturer, has unveiled its latest innovation: a car that runs on human blood. The company claims that this is the most eco-friendly and efficient vehicle ever made, and that it will revolutionize the automotive industry.

According to Changan, the car uses a special engine that converts human blood into electricity, which powers the car’s battery and motor. The car has a built-in blood donation system that allows the driver and passengers to donate blood while driving, or to use blood bags stored in the trunk. The company says that the car can run for up to 100 kilometers on one liter of blood, and that it has zero emissions and no negative impact on the environment.

Changan’s spokesperson said that the car is designed to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on fuel. He also said that the car is safe and comfortable, and that it has a number of features that make it attractive, such as a leather interior, a touchscreen display, and a voice assistant.

However, not everyone is impressed by Changan’s new car. Some critics have questioned the ethics and legality of using human blood as fuel, and have raised concerns about the health risks and social implications of such a practice. Some have also doubted the reliability and performance of the car, and have suggested that it is a hoax or a publicity stunt.

Changan has dismissed these criticisms as unfounded and biased, and has invited potential customers to test drive the car and see for themselves. The company says that it plans to launch the car in China by the end of 2023, and that it hopes to expand to other markets soon. The company has not revealed the price of the car yet, but has hinted that it will be affordable and competitive.