Scholz and Macron Launch EuroTok: A New App to Challenge China’s TikTok

European alternative to TikTok

In a bold move, the newly elected German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the French President Emmanuel Macron have announced that they will launch a new app called EuroTok, which they claim will be a European alternative to the popular Chinese app TikTok. The app, which will be available for download from next month, will allow users to create and share short videos of various topics, such as culture, politics, sports, and entertainment.

The leaders said that the app was part of their vision to strengthen the European Union and its values, as well as to counter the growing influence and dominance of China in the digital sphere. They said that the app would promote democracy, human rights, and diversity, and that it would respect the privacy and data protection of its users. They also said that the app would showcase the creativity and talent of the European people, and that it would foster dialogue and cooperation among them.

The app, which will be funded by the European Commission and developed by a consortium of European tech companies, will have some features that will distinguish it from TikTok. For instance, the app will have a rating system that will reward users for producing quality content that is informative, educational, or artistic. The app will also have a verification system that will prevent users from spreading fake news, hate speech, or propaganda. The app will also have a moderation system that will remove any content that violates the app’s terms and conditions or the EU’s laws and regulations.

The leaders said that they hoped that the app would attract millions of users across Europe and beyond, and that it would compete with TikTok on equal terms. They said that they welcomed any constructive feedback and suggestions from the public and the industry on how to improve the app and make it more user-friendly and appealing.

However, the app has also faced some criticism and skepticism from some quarters. Some have questioned the feasibility and necessity of creating a new app when there are already many existing apps that offer similar services. Some have also doubted the quality and originality of the content that the app will produce, saying that it will be boring and bland compared to TikTok’s content. Some have also accused the leaders of being hypocritical and opportunistic, saying that they are using the app as a political tool to boost their popularity and agenda.

TikTok has not commented on the announcement of EuroTok, but has said that it welcomes any competition and innovation in the market. It has also said that it respects the laws and regulations of each country where it operates, and that it is committed to providing a safe and positive platform for its users. It has also said that it has no intention of interfering in the internal affairs or politics of any country or region.

EuroTok is expected to launch in January 2024, with a beta version available for testing in December 2023. The app will be free to download and use for anyone who has a valid EU passport or ID card. The app will also be compatible with Android and iOS devices.