Houston mayor gets stuck in elevator with clown and panda

Houston mayor Sylvester Turner had a bizarre encounter on Monday when he got stuck in an elevator with a clown and a panda. The mayor was on his way to a meeting at the city hall when the elevator malfunctioned and stopped between floors. He soon realized he was not alone in the elevator, as he was joined by a man dressed as a clown and a woman in a panda suit.

The clown and the panda were part of a promotional stunt for a local circus that was performing nearby. They had entered the elevator after the mayor, hoping to surprise him with some jokes and tricks. However, their plan backfired when the elevator broke down and left them trapped with the mayor for over an hour.

Turner, who is known for his calm and professional demeanor, tried to make the best of the situation and chat with his unusual companions. He learned that the clown’s name was Bobo and that he had been working as a clown for 15 years. He also learned that the panda’s name was Ling Ling and that she was actually a veterinarian who volunteered to wear the panda suit for the circus.

The mayor said he was impressed by their dedication and passion for their work, but also admitted that he felt uncomfortable and claustrophobic in the elevator. He said he was relieved when the firefighters arrived and rescued them from the elevator. He thanked them for their service and gave them tickets to the circus as a gesture of gratitude.

The clown and the panda also thanked the mayor for his patience and kindness, and apologized for any inconvenience they had caused. They said they hoped to see him at the circus, where they promised to give him a special performance.