US President forgot his name during an interview and asked for help from the journalist

A shocking incident occurred during a live interview with the US President. He forgot his name and asked for help from the journalist.

The President, who was speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, was answering a question about his foreign policy. He suddenly paused and looked confused.

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember… What’s my name again?” he asked Cooper.

Cooper was stunned and tried to help the President. He reminded him of his name and title.

“Your name is Joe Biden, sir. You are the President of the United States”, he said.

The President thanked Cooper and apologized for his memory lapse. He blamed it on stress and lack of sleep.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been very busy and tired lately. I need some rest. Thank you for your understanding”, he said.

The interview was cut short and the President was escorted to his office. His spokesperson said that he was fine and just needed some rest.

The incident sparked a lot of reactions on social media. Some people expressed concern and sympathy for the President, while others mocked and criticized him. Some even questioned his mental fitness and ability to lead the country.