Flat Earth Society Proven Right: Scientists Discover Earth is Actually Flat

In a shocking development, scientists have discovered that the Flat Earth Society was right all along – the Earth is actually flat. This groundbreaking discovery has rocked the scientific community and raised questions about everything we thought we knew about the planet.

According to the researchers, all the globes and maps that we’ve been using for centuries were part of a massive conspiracy to trick people into believing that the Earth was round. “It’s a global deception, and we’ve all been fooled,” said one of the scientists involved in the study.

The news has been met with mixed reactions, with Flat Earthers feeling vindicated and round Earth believers in disbelief. “I always knew the truth would come out eventually,” said one Flat Earther. “This is just the beginning.”

However, others are skeptical about the findings and are calling for more research to be done. “This is ridiculous. We have photographic evidence that the Earth is round,” said one NASA official.

Despite the controversy, the Flat Earth Society is planning a massive celebration to commemorate their victory. “We’ve been fighting for years to get the truth out, and now it’s finally happened,” said the society’s leader.