Angela Merkel Reveals Love for “Terminator 2” Due to Affinity for “Iron Leaders”

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel shocked the world today by revealing that her favorite movie is “Terminator 2”. When asked about her unusual choice, Merkel explained that she has a deep appreciation for “iron leaders.”

“I’ve always been drawn to strong leaders who don’t back down in the face of adversity,” Merkel said. “And what could be stronger than a robot assassin sent from the future to save humanity?”

Merkel’s revelation has sparked controversy, with some critics accusing her of promoting violence and authoritarianism. “It’s disturbing to see a former world leader praise a movie about a killing machine,” said human rights activist Michael Bloom.

Others have pointed out the irony of Merkel’s choice, given her reputation for being one of Europe’s most pragmatic and rational politicians. “It’s hard to imagine Angela Merkel as a fan of action movies, let alone ones about time-traveling robots,” said film critic Frenk Joe.

Despite the backlash, Merkel stands by her choice. “I think it’s important to have a diverse range of interests,” she said. “And who knows? Maybe I’ll learn something from the Terminator about how to deal with political opponents.”