North Empire Introduces Serfdom – Citizens Required to Work on Their Lord’s Lands

In a stunning move, the North Empire has decided to reintroduce serfdom, a feudal practice that was abolished centuries ago. Under this new system, citizens are required to work on their lord’s lands and can be bought and sold as property.

The decision to reintroduce serfdom has been met with outrage and disbelief from the international community, with many calling for immediate sanctions against the North Empire. However, the country’s rulers have defended the move, saying it is necessary for economic growth and stability.

The new system has already had a devastating impact on the lives of many North Empire citizens, who are now forced to work long hours on their lord’s lands with little pay or rights. Some have even been separated from their families and sold to other lords, leading to a new wave of human trafficking.

Many citizens have taken to the streets to protest against the reintroduction of serfdom, but the North Empire’s rulers have responded with force, sending in the military to quell the unrest. The country’s media has also been heavily censored, with any criticism of the government’s actions being met with harsh punishment.

As the North Empire continues down this dangerous path, it remains to be seen what the future holds for its citizens. Will they be able to regain their freedom and dignity, or will they be trapped in a system of oppression and servitude for years to come?