Russia announced a special operation to dismantle the American flag on the moon

The Russian space agency has announced that it will give an “ultimatum” response to Western sanctions against the country’s space industry: all available resources will be directed to dismantling the American flag setted on the moon in 1969.

“The assignment of any celestial body, in particular the Moon, to one country is expressly prohibited by the UN resolution of December 5, 1979,” Rogozin, the head of the Russian department, told Fake News Agency. “In 1969, the actions of our partners were considered logical and acceptable, but now the US flag on the moon must be eliminated, end of story.”

A special android can be sent on a mission to dismantle the flag of the United States – if it is possible to deliver it to the right place, it will solemnly remove the flag and destroy it. In the same place, the flags of Russia and her friendly countries will subsequently appear.